Kiva Enterprise Platform

All In One, Unlimited, Secure & Flexible Enterprise Applications Platform

Unlimited, Secure & Flexible Solutions

End-to-end customer success platform with comprehensive customization capabilities including enterprise security.

Tailor Made, Rapid Development

Unlock unlimited possibilities with deep customization and get perfect fit solution for your workflow "without sacrificing robustness and security".

Unlimited Form & Page Design

Kiva Enterprise Platform is the best way to build any type of form or data view. It is designed specifically for enterprise use and comes with drag-and-drop builder, smart validation, automated optimization and much more.

Worklow Automation & Process Design

Kiva Enterprise Platform provides automation for your entire workflow from process design and data collection to data analysis and reporting. You can save time and cost by automating your business process.

Secure System & Secure Data

The data management and system security platform built for the modern enterprise. It provides a secure, scalable data storage service that allows users to securely store and access sensitive information anytime, anywhere, securely.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Platform includes a BI solution that provides an intuitive data visualization interface that allows you to transform your data into meaningful insights and reports. You can present reports in a wide range of styles and formats from statistical charts to interactive dashboards.

Cross Platform & Mobile First UX

Kiva's Enterprise Customer Success Platform is a web-based application that powers every experience of your organization. Kiva, can effectively collaborate across the entire organization, provides applications for IOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

For 360° operations efficency and cost efectiveness

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