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API Docs

API Integrations Development That Interfaces Disparate Enterprise Platform Processes.

  • Custom API Integration Solutions
    Our custom API integration solutions encompass everything from development and integration to documentation and deployment.
  • Custom CRM Integration
    Develops custom-tailored CRM systems, implementing custom software features & functionalities that drive businesses forward.

Office 365 Addln

Integrate Office 365 with CRM, forms or landing pages. Sync subscribers, automate emails and create sales and marketing workflows.

  • Get things done and create more together, from anywhere
  • Giving you and your team ample space to capture your thinking and plans.
  • Collaborate in real time or async.

Outlook Addln

Learn the Benefits of Integrating Kiva.cloud with Microsoft Outlook.

Boost productivity by bringing the power of the Kiva.cloud Platform to Outlook.


One Drive

Integrate Microsoft OneDrive file chooser and Kiva.cloud, so you can easily attach files from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more directly into your Kiva.cloud tasks.

  • Tap into an ecosystem with billions of files
  • Store your app's files in a powerful cloud
  • Bring your app straight to users within OneDrive

Google Drive

Easy and secure access to all of your content. Cloud-native collaboration apps to supercharge teamwork.

  • A smarter way to work
    Kiva.cloud integration with Google Drive allows you to share, sync, edit, access, and share your files with ease.
  • Key Features
    You can add, remove, or update files in Google Drive, and these changes will be reflected in Kiva.cloud


  • Gmail has email, chat, and meetings—all your online communication streams—integrated in one Kiva.cloud place.
  • With the Kiva.cloud for Gmail integration, you can create Kiva.cloud tasks directly from your Gmail inbox
  • Work with Kiva.cloud records directly in your email application with the Gmail integration.

MS Teams

Boost team collaboration by keeping the important stuff organized and ready to access from anywhere.



  • You can share information from Kiva.cloud with your team members in Slack so you work with better context.

Chrome Addon

Take screenshots, place images on tasks and manage your tasks with the kiva.cloud chrome extension