Kiva Technology, founded in 2009, develops products and provides services for both corporate and institutionalising companies, in accordance to the gainings in computing infrastructure and increasing potential of cloud computing technologies and software as a service concept.

In order to enable fast customization and development of softwares fitting to any sector and company changing needs and operational processes, we created "Kiva Cloud Platform" and on this platform our product "KivaCRM".

As Kiva Technology, beside always using the most stable methodologies in IT technology area, the highest safety and test processes, high performance, easy user interfaces and best user experience are among our core principles. Our existing capabilities continuously evolving with in every new project created innovation. As a result of great effort on optimization and innovation and the service quality focused on flawless customer satisfaction, KivaCRM serves companies of over 40 different sectors with its CRM and Business Application Solutions.

Our Principles :

  • Flawless Customer Satisfaction and Trust
  • Perfectionism and Innovativeness
  • Simple Solutions for Complicated Problems
  • Quick and Effective Support
  • High Performance, Stable System
  • Teamwork
  • Competitive Approach
  • Sustainable Profitability
  • Best User Experience
  • Innovative Approach


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