Collabrate with your team, track progress and get work done

Project Management

Save time and money by managing your team and projects remotely. Exceed expectations and streamline your business by using Kiva's innovative project management solutions to track tasks and monitor project progress.

  • Board View
  • Calendar View
  • Sections & Milestones
  • Sub Tasks / Check Lists
  • Task Dependency
  • Management Views
  • Notes & Attachments
  • Time Tracking
  • Tags & Labels
  • Followers
  • Performance Analytics
  • Collaborative* Document Creation
  • Budget Tracking
  • Project Templates
  • Workload View
  • Gamification*

Team Inbox

Keep your team informed and connected with shared email inboxes. Circulate assignments and share thoughts via Kiva's easy to use email system.

  • Shared Inboxes
  • Assignments
  • Canned Responses
  • Time Tracking
  • Internal Messaging
  • Comments & Mentions
  • Attachments
  • Convert to Task
  • Shared Drafts

Time Tracking

Account for every minute and stay on schedule. Log billable and non-billable working hours, either manually or via timers, and generate reports to monitor team performance and remain focused.

  • Task Timer
  • Inbox Timer
  • Mobile Timer App
  • Desktop Timer App*
  • Insightfull Analytics
  • Office 365 Add-in*
  • Outlook Add-in*
  • Time Billing Reports
  • Gmail Add-In*
  • Google Chrome Add-In*

Expense Tracking

Use Kiva's smart expense tracking solutions to set budgets, submit receipts, split or track team spending and generate billing reports.

  • Attach Receipts Easily
  • Approval Tracking
  • Expense Billing Reports
  • Insightfull Analytics
  • Split Expenses to Employees*
  • Scan Receipts*
  • Budget Tracking

Timeoff Management

Take the stress out of time-managing your team and store employee information securely. Create your company personnel and leave policy, and oversee time off and sick leave from one centralised platform.

  • Approval Tracking
  • Real-time Calculations
  • Timeoff Analytics
  • Timeoff Cancellation
  • Public Holidays
  • Custom Timeoff Policies*

Overtime Management

Streamline payroll, approve and manage employee overtime requests and payments. Generate reports and keep track of staff performance, productivity and morale.

  • Approval Tracking
  • Convert to Timeoff
  • Real-time Calculations
  • Overtime Analytics
  • Overtime Cancellation

Time & Material Reports

Save money by using Kiva's time and material reports software. Generate estimates and timesheets, and revise and edit market reports and budgets.

  • Easily Revise & Edit
  • Create Timesheet
  • Create Estimate
  • Export PDF
  • Hourly Rates by Persona
  • Hourly Rates by Title
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Additional Services
  • Multi - Project Reporting

Contact Management

Manage your contacts and stay informed with Kiva's wide range of contact management solutions.

  • Manage Organizations
  • Manage Contacts
  • Batch Updates
  • Send E-Mails
  • 360° Contact Profile
  • 360° Organization Profile
  • Import From Phone Contacts
  • Import From Gmail Contacts
  • Import From Outlook Contacts

Document Management

Use Kiva's user-friendly document management software to store, share, and approve all your digital documents.

  • Unlimited Hierarchy
  • Tags & Labels
  • Relations
  • Keyword Search
  • MS Onedrive Integration
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Office 365 Add-In*
  • Document Creation
  • Sharepoint Integration*
  • Outlook Add-In*

Invoicing & Payment Tracking

Create and send invoices and payments quickly with Kiva's cloud-based invoice management system. Automate estimates and track payments easily, saving you time and money.

  • Automated Estimates
  • Create & Send Estimates
  • Automated Invoices
  • Time & Expense Invoicing
  • Invoice Templates
  • Track Payments
  • Multiple Currency & Language
  • Accounting Integrations
  • Online Payment Integrations
Features marked with * are in available only in private beta and will be released soon.